Mitel (formerly ShoreTel) Premise VoIP Phone System

Mitel: VoIP for Everyone!

Are you tired of a VoIP or digital phone system that is needlessly complex? Mitel (formerly ShoreTel) is the provider of brilliantly simple Unified Communications (UC) solutions based on its award-winning IP business phone system. With their Unified Communications solution, enterprises trade complexity for plug-and-play simplicity in integrated voice, video, data, and mobile communication. CSM South has been selling, installing and maintaining Mitel systems in Tampa and all over the southeast since 2010.

Mitel delivers an award-winning UC system that is purpose-built for VoIP, and designed to be as easy to manage and scale across sites and geographies as it is to deploy and use. The solution’s open ecosystem and unique


Mitel 485g VoIP Phone

distributed architecture means it fits right in with existing infrastructure, and works seamlessly with business applications and processes.

Along with its low total cost of ownership, a Mitel UC phone system helps organizations leverage their most valuable assets: people and information.

Whether they are using Mitel’s brilliantly simple solution to replace old phone systems, to upgrade to unified communications, or to modernize their contact centers, organizations worldwide consistently give Mitel the highest ratings for customer satisfaction. Mitel has their US headquarters in Plano, Texas, and has regional offices in Austin, Texas, Singapore, London, United Kingdom, Sydney, Australia and Munich, Germany.

Mitel’s unique purpose-built distributed voice architecture forms the heart of the unified communications platform, allowing for its rich feature set and highly reliable distributed voice services. Along with IP telephony, contact center, and unified communications services, it scales with plug-and play ease across as many sites as needed. Seamlessly growing from 10 to 20,000 users, a Mitel solution offers unparalleled value, flexibility, and quality.

Mitel Connect

CSM South is fully certified to sell and install the Mitel Connect VoIP platform, both Connect Cloud and the premise based Connect platform. This is an exciting product line with many enhancements to the hardware and software over previous versions engineered by ShoreTel. Simply stated, it continues to build on and enhance the promise of easily deployed UC systems and the brilliant simplicity that ShoreTel was legendary for, while also leveraging the resources and expertise brought by Mitel.

Select enhancements to traditional VoIP include:

    • IP PBX telephony services, with call control, call routing, voice mail, music on hold and automated attendant § Miteldesk phones with feature keys for system directory, intercom, conference calling, transfer, redial, hold and other options; soft keys for presence status, pick up, park and more
    • Mitel Connect desktop app for PCs and Macs, for user call control, contacts, event scheduling, event history and collaboration suite control
    • Mitel Connect mobility app for Android and iOS mobile and wearable devices, to extend full desk phone call handling and UC suite capabilities to the user’s mobile devices. More than simple call forwarding to a user’s mobile device, the Connect mobility app includes: – one-click “Join” button for conferences that eliminates dial ins and passcode entries – automatic Wi-Fi/cellular call handover – “dual persona” separation between business and personal calls – peer-to-peer video calling – SRTP security for both voice and UC signals, even in public hotspots.
    •  Collaboration suite: robust unifi ed communications including instant messaging, audio conference calling, web collaboration, desktop sharing, point-to-point video calling and room-based video conferencing
    • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and ICS calendars for event scheduling and invitation automation
    • Integrations with third-party applications like ShoreTel for Salesforce®, MS Lync®, NetSuite®, and most popular CRMs
    • Productivity apps like operator, web dialer, and app dialer § Softphone functionality—add a headset and your computer becomes a phone
    • Mitel Connect Director, the browser based system administration program that provides a “single view” of the entire system status including individual phones, call detail recording (CDR), trunk lines, and user account moves/adds/changes and feature permissions
  • Additional Connect ONSITE products include: S

      • Mitel Edge Gateway, to eliminate VPN login for remote and teleworkers
      • Advanced Applications like emergency notification, caller directed routing, enhanced IVR campaigns, enhanced contact center reporting and dozens more
      • Workgroup functionality for both supervisors and agents for additional call routing functionality
      • ShoreTel Connect ONSITE Contact Center for multi-channel call and contact center operations

In addition to the exciting items above, there is a whole new suite of hardware for MitelConnect which expands on the capacities of the previous ShoreGear series of switches.  Now, the onsite products can support up to 500 IP phones on one VoIP appliance!

 CSM South and our history with ShoreTel (now Mitel)

CSM became a ShoreTel partner after researching Cisco, Mitel, and Unify (formerly Siemens). At the time, we chose to align ourselves with ShoreTel for several important reasons:

    • Simplicity– The product really is simple to use, manage, and deploy
    • Features– The included feature set blows the competition out of the water
    • Price– Compared to similar VoIP systems from Cisco, Mitel, or other Tier 1 vendors, ShoreTel is competitive and price conscious.
    • Ongoing Support– Mitel provides excellent US based phone system support. Further, software updates and version upgrades are included  in their Mitel Connect support plans. 
  • Corporate Stability– After being burned with the sale and purchase of Siemens by an American investment firm and Avaya’s absorbing Nortel, we were looking for a financially strong manufacturer. We found that in ShoreTel.

Then, the tables were turned in 2017 when Mitel purchased ShoreTel. We were slightly afraid that the merging of the organizations would be complex, messy, and end up serving poorly, however, this was not the case and we could not be more pleased with the end result. Now, after all these years, CSM is still enjoying our partnership and has had excellent feedback from our customer base.  And because the system is entirely VoIP, we are able to provide Mitel/ ShoreTel service in Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Orlando or anywhere in Florida; Mobile, AL. and the Gulfcoast including Gulfport are covered by our Alabama service center; not to mention Austin, San Antonio, and the other Texas metro areas from our Texas HQ in Austin.

Mitel/ ShoreTel IP 420 Phone Review

ShoreTel IP 420 phone system
The ShoreTel IP 420 VoIP Phone

The smallest member of the ShoreTel 400 series of phones, the  ShorePhone IP 420 is a high quality SIP phone designed for users who  have limited minimal phone interaction or use ShoreTel Communicator  extensively. The IP 420 is perfect for call center environments as well as it  offers the full ShoreTel functionality in a small form factor.

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Mitel/ ShoreTel IP 480 Phone Review

shoretel voip phone, tampa, austin, phone system
The ShoreTel IP 480 VoIP Phone

The workhorse of the ShorePhone 400 family, the IP 480 is designed for  the average phone user in mind. Out of the ShoreTel phones that CSM  installs, 83% are the ShorePhone 480. Available in both 10/100 and gigabit  versions, this quality VoIP phone is head and shoulders above the  competition!

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Mitel/ ShoreTel IP 485g Phone Review

shoretel voip 485 phone
The ShoreTel 485g VoIP Phone

The ShoreTel 485g is a VoIP phone designed for executives and other  locations requiring a high powered, high functionality, and beautiful phone.  With the combination of a dazzling color screen and gigabit functionality,  the ShorePhone 485g is a stunning addition to the ShoreTel 400 series of  SIP VoIP phones.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Mitel/ ShoreTel over the Competition!

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