Nortel Phones on Avaya IP Office

Using your Nortel Phones on a New Avaya IP Office Phone System


Does your business have legacy Nortel or Meridian telephones? Maybe your telephone system was installed and you have not upgraded to newer technology but you are in need to do so now. There are many reasons that businesses need to upgrade to a new phone system. Often they are desiring to utilize new technology, like SIP trunks, but sometimes it is as simple as their old system stopped working. If you have digital telephones from Nortel, the Nortel M or T series, you can use your telephones on a new Avaya IP Office 500V2! This is a great business decision as you are able to upgrade your key piece of equipment, the telephone system, while saving thousands of dollars by using telephones you already own. But exactly how does this work?

Nortel Meridian Service Support Tampa AustinNortel was a victim of the Great Recession and was purchased by Avaya. This turns out to be great for businesses as Avaya has engineered their IP Office communications system to use both Avaya telephones as well as Nortel telephones. The core IP Office appliance is the same hardware, but the expansion modules are different for the various brands of phones. There is a module for the Avaya telephones as well as the Nortel telephones, each module accommodating eight phones each. If your business has more than eight telephones, Avaya provides two further options. The first is a dedicated external expansion module that accommodates either sixteen or thirty telephones depending on the module. The second is a external module that can have either Avaya or Nortel telephones, but not at the same time. Essentially the module is instructed during programming as to whether it will have Avaya or Nortel telephones on it. These modules also come in sixteen or thirty telephone sizes. The Avaya IP Office base appliance can have up to two, eight port modules for Nortel telephones, so if you have 16 Nortel telephones you simply need two modules. If you have more than sixteen phones you would then need the external sixteen or thirty telephone module. Further, the system can support up to 384 telephones, so your investment is protected as your business grows.

Speaking of growth, you have the option of adding more Nortel telephones or new Avaya telephones. You can mix the two on the same system, so you can fit the correct telephone to the right application. Many businesses deploy their Nortel telephones and then deploy new Avaya phones when they add staff. This is a great, value, option for businesses to explore.

But how do you know if your telephones can be reused? Well, almost any Nortel telephone made between 1990 and 2012 will work, but your engineer can help determine for sure whether yours will. The general part numbers that most businesses have are: M7208, M7310, M7324, M7100, T7208, T7316, T7316e, T7406, and T7100. All of these should work without issues on a new Avaya IP Office 500V2 communications system. In fact, not only will they work, but most of the feature codes that your employees are used to using will also work. Almost all of the functions also remain the same. This makes deploying a new Avaya telephone system a snap, and businesses can save money at the same time!

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CSM has done many conversions of customers from Nortel or Meridian systems to new Avaya IP Office systems. Whether in Tampa or Austin, or anywhere in between, CSM can help you determine if reusing your phones is an option, just ask!