Is my Nortel BCM, CiCS, MiCS, or other system discontinued? Can you Service my Nortel?

What Types of Nortel Networks PBX Equipment are Discontinued and Where to go from Here

While many of our customers recognize the fact that Nortel is no longer in business, they are unaware that Avaya purchased the company in 2008 and kept service and support on the Nortel product lines for a number of years. Therefore, the basic answer to the question whether CSM South can service Nortel phone systems, is, “yes.” The Nortel PBX line, while supported by Avaya for various lengths of time, is now completely discontinued and no longer serviced or given software updates, but that doesn’t mean that competent techs are not available.

How does the discontinuation of the Nortel product lines affect my Nortel Service?nortel service

Basically, it means that there is no longer manufacturer support for technicians or software patches. But more specifically, how does this affect your Nortel system? If CSM is your vendor, then not very much is of concern, at least in the short term. As it stands, CSM has certified Nortel, Norstar, and Meridian technicians so is competent to solve most service issues and more than capable to add equipment or move systems. Further, because Nortel equipment was so pervasive, there is a large and relatively inexpensive supply of used stock on the marketplace; meaning that there is only a small chance that individual pieces will not be available to our customers. In the longer run, however, stock will degrade as it ages and become harder to procure. Since Avaya discontinued support on most of the product in 2010, our estimate is that quality used parts will be available for a few years still.

What are the options for my Nortel Equipment?

Currently, you can keep your old equipment with little service disruption. If there is a major failure, we would recommend upgrading to an Avaya IP Office or other product rather than spending what amounts to a large percentage of the purchase price on used equipment. Remember, you can likely reuse your Nortel, Norstar, or Meridian phones on a new Avaya IP Office, saving significantly on the upgrade cost. For minor adds or changes, we would recommend simply purchasing used Nortel PBX equipment from CSM at a competitive cost. While this is not a long term solution to  your telecommunication needs, it certainly is a viable “stop gap” measure and can be a thrifty way to extend the life of the old Nortel system.

Of course, we are in the business of selling new phone systems, so we should mention that it is a great time to upgrade to a new VoIP telephone system. Standard features available now include find me/ follow me,  SIP trunks, unified messaging or electronic voice mail, e-fax, call queuing, meet me conferencing, PC integration and software, virtual operator console, web based management, and a host of other features and functions. Many of our customers who have upgraded from their old Nortel system have been surprised at how simple to use new telephone systems are and remark that they wish they had made the switch years ago!

Contact CSM today for more information on Avaya, Nortel, Norstar and Meridian along with the options that are available to you now.  CSM services the above product lines in Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Orlando, Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, Mobile and other areas in our service footprint.

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Nortel Service for Austin, Texas