HP Networking

HPHP Switches for VoIP Deployments

HP and networking are synonymous  CSM sells and installs other brands of networking gear, but HP is the gold standard. Not only does HP arguably make the best product on the market, but the price is reasonable and the warranty is incredible. CSM recommends HP’s POE switches for VoIP installations.

The HP 1905 POE switch is rack mountable, has all 24 ports powered, and is manageable. When you are in the market for a POE switch it is important to make sure that all the ports you need will be powered. Many manufacturers advertise their POE switch and never tell you that not all of the ports are powered – or that you will need to buy a separate power supply from the one that comes  with the switch. CSM only quotes POE switches that have all the ports powered, so you do not have any surprises. When HP purchased 3Com they also received the great value line of 1905 switches that come in 8, 24, and 48 ports, as well as a 10 port gigabit model.