CCTV and Security Cameras

CCTV Security CamerasEverfocus Box Camera

Security cameras, many companies need them to make sure their facilities are monitored. Other companies just want the peace of mind to have a record if something happens at their office, warehouse, or on their property. The choice of what type of system and what type of camera you need or want can be confusing. There are plenty of low cost systems on websites like groupon and Amazon, but are they what you really need, will you be able to install it yourself? Let CSM design a cost effective system for your business that includes the cameras, cables, and the appropriate recording device. They can be surprisingly inexpensive, and save you the hassle and frustration of installing a system on your own, only to find out it is not what you really need.
MAX-PLEX8S_DVRCSM partners with several top notch security camera and equipment manufacturers so that we can deliver a wide spectrum of systems to fit any budget. We offer systems from Speco, Everfocus, and other manufacturers such as CCTV Core. In Florida and other states CSM South sells and installs the systems directly, and in Texas we partner with licensed state installers for security camera installation and deployment. This enables us to deliver the best solution at the best price for our clients.