Avaya 1608 Quick Reference User Guide

How to Use the Avaya 1608 Phone


Avaya 1608 VoIP Tampa Austin
The Avaya 1608 VoIP Phone for Business Telephone Systems

The Avaya 1608 is an easy to use VoIP phone created to work on the Avaya IP Office. Please click below to download an easy to follow quick user guide or manual created by Avaya.


Avaya 1608 Quick Reference User Guide (Click link to download PDF)


The Avaya 1608 VoIP phone is functionally and physically nearly identical to the Avaya 1408, other than this phone is VoIP rather than digital. Both operate on the Avaya IP Office and many of our customers in Tampa, Sarasota & Austin have chosen to utilize this phone for common areas, employees with less telephone interaction, and price conscious buyers. The price difference between it and the Avaya 1616, while small, can still add up if a business is purchasing several dozen telephones. There is roughly a $45 difference per phone.  Other clients have chosen it simply because it is smaller than the Avaya 1616 and is slightly more elegant on the desktop. Either phone is a great choice for businesses looking to upgrade from their old Nortel, Norstar, Meridian, Toshiba, Samsung or other manufacturer.

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